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JAVA Openings - for a Senior Position - 3 Years Exp. | QA Openings - for a Senior Position - 3 Years Exp. | JAVA Openings - for a Senior Position - 3 Years Exp. | QA Openings - for a Senior Position - 3 Years Exp.
bllt 12 December, 2007
Recruitments are conducting on every saturdays and sundays.

Senior Developers - Java
(VS/JAVA 08)

Atleast 3-6 years exp. in Java .preferably with experience in Ajax , Spring and hibernate . should have knowledge of Java / J2EE design patterns

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Senior Test Engineer - QA
(VS/QA 08)

Strong Knowledge of Test Documentation, Ability to Train and lead a team.

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Why ISO? What are its benefits?

Today there is no room for monopoly, every organization a manufacturing, marketing or service oriented has to sustain, improve or strive to keep up same level of performance. Organizations are under pressure to reduce if the prices of the products and services are not maintained. At the same time they are expected to enhance their support & service levels, despite increasing input costs on one side, ever increasing overheads on the other side.

They also need to address competition, globalization & attrition, it is perform or perish kind of situation. These problems can be countered, provided organizations are managed effectively & efficiently and that is possible with a tested and a trusted management system. ISO standards were developed by network of national standards institutes of more than 140 countries & are under implementation all over the world. Derivable advantages of ISO 9001 certification are :

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bllt Portal Development
bllt ISO Consultancy
bllt Corporate Training
  • Helps in quick reciprocation to changing needs & expectations of clients with continual improvement.
  • Ensures monitoring of information related to customer satisfaction, which is inevitable for growth.
  • Multi-dimensional advantage with better control on all resources-men, material, machinery & money.
  • Management review meetings become powerful forums to analyze performance of all crucial operations & initiate necessary action through delegation of authority & responsibility.
  • Creates an environment in which team gets fully involved in achieving organization's objectives easily.
  • Clear profile gives team members a sense of focus & direction enhancing their efficiency & morale.
  • Brings in reliability, consistency, accountability, transparency & trace ability in all operations.
  • Helps in effective purchase/ stores management with vendor rating ensuring consistency & savings.
  • Creates a platform for perfect integration among all departments, ensuring synergy at all levels.
  • Defined time frame for all operations guides the team and reduces reaction time of the organization.
  • The contract review system ensures perfect handling of orders and makes the system almost foolproof.
  • System takes care of mundane activity allowing top management to concentrate on crucial issues.
  • Certification serves as qualifying criteria and promotes exports / global acceptance.
  • Helps beat competition a with better products/services at competitive rates & minimum overheads.
  • Crosscheck by an external agency ensures adherence to the laid down systems by the employees.
  • ISO not only gives impetus to organization's image but serves as a marketing tool as well.
  • Customers -> In getting dependable and reliable products/services confirming to their requirements.
  • Employees -> In getting a sense of focus & direction with increased job satisfaction, competence, morale etc.
  • Employers-> In getting increased return on investment, better results & enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Suppliers -> In getting assured business & stability through partnership and mutual understanding.
It's a win-win proposition for all channel partners, we hope above-cited advantages are quite evident & will convince you on the efficacy of ISO certification & help in your decision making process.